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What Makes Brand X Powerlifting Different?

The Brand X Method Powerlifting and Strength™ is a premier strength training center based out of Ramona California. TBXM Powerlifting and strength™ specializes in training athletes in both Powerlifting and Strongman. Both of our focuses have huge carryover to sports which is ideal for young athletes. Coaches are on the floor at all times throughout the day to correct technique and help guide beginners through workouts. This helps with The Brand X Method’s™ main goal, to keep athletes safe. Whether your goal is to gain speed, size, strength, or even lose fat there is a program fit for YOUR needs, and a daily workout to follow if you choose.

Our Trainers

Paul Waddington


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Paul began training with the brand x method when he was 14 years old. To date he has acquired The Brand X Method basic certification and is NASM certified. Paul will usually be the first one you contact for sign up and introduction to the gym.

Keegan Martin


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Keegan began training at 10 years old, as he gained experience both as a personal trainer and an athlete he traveled to 6 continents teaching trainers. Keegan held the national back squat record for USAPL at 17 years old with a back squat of 445# and a bodyweight of 147#. Keegan not only is passionate about his own training but has also coached 4 other athletes to accumulate a total of 20 state records in USAPL. He is certified as a CrossFit level 1 trainer, CrossFit level 2 trainer, CrossFit Kids trainer, The Brand X Method Kids advanced coach, and The Brand X Method teen weighting coach.

Jack Marks


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Jack started training at The Brand X Method in Ramona when he was 5 years old. Now with over 12 years lifting experience he continues his education as a personal trainer and has received multiple certifications from both CrossFit as well as The Brand X Method. He holds over 8 state records in California for powerlifting.



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Although under a year old, pilot has spent a lot of his time in the gym. He loves people and helping you lift



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Lowrider is a French bulldog and therefor has an unfair advantage in almost every lift (small levers). He loves sleeping while others clang barbells and he will never turn down a belly rub.